• Sam Dins

Fresh Bread Is My Jam

How can something that it made from 3 ingredients so diverse and comforting. I could waffle on and on about the joys of bread. And maybe I will...

I grew up in a household where toast was a mainstay. And come to think of it, it still is. My grandparents made bread nearly everyday and it was glorious. Bacon butties made with fresh white bread, so full of air bubbles that the bacon fat and butter melted through the little holes, so it almost became like a saturated sponge.

When I went into professional kitchens, the realisation of making bread was terrifying. No longer was it the romantic, family friendly fun. It was like taming wild animals. Everyday yeast would be brought to life and grown before your very eyes and it couldn't be stopped. It was enthralling and unnerving to make 5-6 bread doughs a day, prove them, shape them, prove them again, cook them, all within a very strict time plan. There was no room for errors. And bread really does have a life of its own. You can't tell it to wait. It can be very unforgiving.

It is also very satisfying to make and eat. Making it in a domestic setting is different to a professional environment. The other day I literally just threw together a recipe. My scales were running low on battery so I just went on intuition. Not advisable, but working with ingredients for so long, you get a feel for them weight wise and who doesn't love a little risk?!!

This dough turned out soft and beautiful. I fancied it up with some garlic and hot sauce butter, cheese and black pepper, toasted it in the oven and served it with soup on Souper Sunday. It was damn glorious.

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