Who/What is Dins with Dins?

my name is Sam Dinsdale and I am a professional chef who is looking to carve out a new 

life for myself, away from the demands of the kitchen. Dins With Dins came about from an idea I had about starting supper clubs in my home of Wellington, New Zealand. I have dabbled in this idea but ultimately, professional cookery isn't a sustainable future for me, health wise both physically and mentally. 


I spent 12 years in London, UK, cooking in Michelin starred restaurants, training under Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing. I co-opened The Five Fields Restaurant in Chelsea with my two dear friends and in 2016, we achieved our goal of gaining 1 Michelin star. After this, I decided to put myself at the forefront of my life, instead of my career. This website is an ongoing scrapbook of the projects I am working on that will help me form a new life with a good work/life balance.  


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